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I was saddened when the moderator of the good_eats community went silent last year because I thought it was a great place to talk about not just Good Eats and Alton Brown things, but to share recipes and ask for advice. And I've had MANY occasions where I've wanted and needed advice!

I know lots of LJ users are switching to other blogging sites and Facebook, but I'm not a FB fan for a variety of reasons and think that there are enough people still on Live Journal that might appreciate a community such as this.

Manja manja!

Alton Brown on The End Of Meat As We Know It
I came across this on Wired last week, Alton toured a plant making a soy/veg-based chicken substitute that has one major difference on other types of products: it has texture. Their chicken breast patty can be shredded. And apparently the flavor is quite good.

The one problem is that there's no mention of pricing. I'll look it up eventually.


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